RCCC is a beautiful facility. It is clean, well maintained and appears to be functional, efficient and effective. It provides residents with a home that is pleasant and addresses their needs.

The people of Ruthven are very fortunate to have the RCCC. This allows long term residents to live out their remaining years in Ruthven near family and friends and the community they have called "home" for many years.

I have some knowledge of  Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture, I would rate both the Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture at RCCC as excellent.

This excellence doesn't happen by accident. My guess is, that it starts with the Board setting high expectations that are reinforced by the administration and permeate the entire staff. Fabulous!!! What a gift to the residents.

Your Care - Our Priority

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our residents and their families through superior service and care delivered by our dedicated staff. While a comfortable, secure environment and up to date technology are important in providing superior care, people are the most important ingredient. At Ruthven Community Care Center, it’s our staff who makes the difference.

Nursing Department:

Nursing care is important to every family when placing their loved one. Our nursing department is on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ruthven Community Care Center offers care of which we are truly proud. Approximately 70% of our employees are nursing personnel - licensed registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants on site 24/7.

Medications are distributed by a unit dose system. Each dose is in its own compartment and the box is color coded for the times of day. This way the dosages are assured and aid in the administration of medications. This contributes greatly to the safety of drug distribution. Our nurses take this very seriously and contact physicians with any concerns or change in condition.

Be assured that turning the physical care over to Ruthven Community Care Center is to everyone's benefit. You are not abandoning your loved one, but making more things possible to enjoy your loved ones.

In case of any inquiries, please send us an email.

Dietary Department:

A dedicated staff serves Ruthven Community Care Center residents three delicious meals a day and nutritional snacks throughout the day. Our menu design is a five-week menu cycle, which offers two meal choices for the lunch and evening meals and a salad bar with a dessert bar at lunch. We also have menus for each resident and take the orders at the table for all meals to promote our restaurant style dining program. The meals are reflective of generational preferences and likes/dislikes of our residents to create a unique and exceptional dining experience.

We manage different diet types and special diet management for those who require it. To aid the food services department with specialized diets, we consult a registered dietician. The consultant monitors meal intakes, weight, medication, and lab results of our residents. The consulting dietician recommends any dietary changes for our residents as well as possible medical interventions through the resident's physician. Ruthven Community Care Center enjoys an open relaxed dining area utilizing an open dining concept. This allows a unique dining experience with a personal touch.

Our certified dietary manager is available for consultation and education of residents and families.