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Thirteen Grammy Awards, eight Bet Awards, two Oscar nominations and one Golden Globe nomination: Pharrell Williams is more than just a "simple" singer, lyricist and successful producer. The reason is obvious: for some reason, everything he did became legendary (Billboard was elected as the biggest producer in the decade of 2000-2010). "If it's not disruptive, it's simply flat. We need ideas to rise in this world.

After letting him take several photos on his wrist, this time Pharrell played with his own Richard Mille: RM 52-05, only 30 pieces were produced. A clock reflecting his love of space for stars (his name is "Star Trek" is a tribute to his favorite TV series: "Star Trek, of course") proposes a major change in perspective: in the universe RM 52-05 reproduces the Earth astronauts saw on Mars.

"I've always been fascinated by the sky."-Parel Williams continues-"More exciting than ever: the space in front of me ?! For you, everyone sees. He is on Earth Before, before this solar system. He will be behind us replica Rolex watches, nothing more relevant. When I look up at the sky, I am staring at God. I feel many different parts of the whole. "Different parts of the whole process Called "advanced watchmaking" to shape this idea: engravers, enamelists, and painters work on a dial that reproduces the view of the earth as seen from a titanium alloy astronaut helmet.

Not only that: the RM 52-05 movement with tourbillon is designed to reproduce the space shuttle, the movement support plate is made of titanium alloy so that the bridge can be seen (always using titanium alloy): skeletonized, reminiscent of Rocket launcher structure. In addition, the large blue Venus glass insert evokes the boundaries of outer space and the universe and all its stars. The case has a bezel and back cover made of cermet (this material combines the lightweightness of titanium with the hardness of ceramic), the central part of the carbon fiber case and the winding crown is based on the design of the capsule, and its rubber The ring follows the schematic design of the Mars "Wanderer" tire tread.

Pharrell Williams concludes: "In all aspects of my work, I have been looking for something different and new. The collaboration with Richard Mille has provided me with an unprecedented opportunity. For example, on Mars. Creation means changing the way we look at things, which is really the only difference, and for RM 52-05, we see Mars from another angle (unexpected angle) in the first person perspective replica watches. This way We are breaking the rules. We have the best timer in the world. We have Mars. We have an African American from Virginia and they are all connected. "

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